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0% alcohol, 100% pleasure


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Dare to be bold!

A 0% alcohol and 100% natural grape-based recipe, characterized by notes of cold brew coffee infusion, Espelette pepper, blackcurrant extract and oak wood. Conceived to imagine gourmet culinary associations and to offer new moments of warmth, hospitality and conviviality. Its aromatic complexity matches with vegetal cuisine, meats or cheeses and sublimates chocolate desserts. Discover a revolutionary 0% alcohol drink  !

Tasting notes

To the eye, Villa Martelle displays a pretty purple color with copper highlights. The nose quickly reveals fresh aromas of coffee and a bouquet structured by the generosity of the grape and the sweet acidity of the blackcurrant. The attack is velvety, well-balanced, round, supple, ample, slightly woody before giving way to the lively and spicy notes of Espelette pepper which bring a real intensity and a beautiful energy in mouth.

A new art of living à la francaise

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Restaurants, dinners, parties... There is an urgent need to indulge yourself but no question of having fun at any price. Villa Martelle answers all concerns related to alcohol such as caloric intake, fatigue, sleep, driving, pregnancy, health or safety.

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3.5 times less calories than wine!

Naturally impertinent

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Discover an exclusive 100% organic and natural recipe formulated for all lovers of new culinary experiences.

Off the beaten track, Villa Martelle claims a free alcohol recipe to offer a gourmet and convivial moment thanks to unusual tasting notes, far from all current references. 

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Ready to taste?

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The aromatic complexity of Villa Martelle is a perfect match for vegetal cuisine, meats, cheeses and subtly awakens fish. Its notes of sweet pepper accompany all Asian cuisines and exalt chocolate desserts. 

It is recommended to drink Villa Martelle at temperature to let all the aromas express themselves. In summer, the drink can be served chilled (6/8° C). 

It is recommended to shake the bottle before opening it. The deposit is normal and natural. Once opened, it can be kept in the refrigerator for 4 days.

Repas Villa Martelle
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Positive moderation celebrates the age of flexidrinkers

The time is ripe for alcohol moderation and freedom of taste and you have never expressed so much attachment to conviviality, gastronomy and restaurants...

Lunch or dinner without alcohol is no longer experienced as a deprivation but as the choice of a festive and joyful sobriety, sometimes or permanently.



Villa Martelle's ambition is to invite itself to the table of restaurants and to demonstrate that the field of possibilities for food pairing with this 0° alcohol drink is unlimited

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Photo de Betariz Gonzales
Fourchette Villa Martelle

Let’s the chefs talk about Villa Martelle !
Welcome to our ambassador, Beatriz Gonzalez

Originally from Mexico, Beatriz has worked in some of the best French restaurants (Orsi **, Sanderens ***, La grande Cascade*) before opening her first restaurant, Neva Cuisine, with her husband, Matthieu Marcant, and then a second one in the 17th district of Paris, Coretta.

Villa Martelle - Catherine et Michel


Michel and Catherine Vincent, business entrepreneurs and passionate about the terroir, launched themselves into organic viticulture in 2012 in the Hérault at the Château La Croix Martelle. Today, the adventure continues with the launching of Villa Martelle in order to conquer a promising and still unexplored market...that of the 0% alcohol tasting drink for the meal.

Two years of research and development combining technological innovation and mixology of natural ingredients were necessary to obtain this daring 100% organic drink with vegetable notes.

The raison d'être of Villa Martelle, like the wines of Château la Croix Martelle, is to produce quality drinks that respect nature, people and responsible consumption.



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At Villa Martelle, we are opposed to any form of self-righteousness and believe in the multiplicity of pleasures of the table and the bar. Our mission is to respond to a growing number of consumers who choose to enjoy meals without alcohol and to all those who wish to combine meals, tasting and 0° alcohol in complete freedom, freeing themselves from conventions and helping to fight against preconceived ideas. 

Our will is to make live the conviviality everywhere where it can be expressed. We wish to convey, through the values of the brand and the tasting of our drink, the joy, the pleasure and the freedom to explore new gourmet experiences in restaurants or at home.

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Find out where to find us...

Villa Martelle - domaine



Commercial contact :

Catherine Vincent

+33 (0)633 127 367

Press contacts:

Thierry Meunier

+33 (0)681 352 644

(press kit, visuals, logo, samples... on request)

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You are a professional ? Write us and we will come back to you quickly !

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Villa Martelle / Genius & Gastronomic
La première boisson gastronomique 0% alcool qui exalte vos repas. 100% bio et faible en calories.

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